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The meaning of rainwater harvesting system

        Rainwater collection system is an important part of sponge city construction, rainwater harvesting Mainly for rainwater resources, the rainwater resources are collected and treated before they are used in industry and life. Rainwater harvesting is of great significance to China's populous country. There are not many freshwater resources in China. Although the South-to-North Water Diversion Project has been implemented, there are still some water shortages in some areas. What is the significance of saying so much rainwater collection? The following is a small series to briefly talk about the significance and role of rainwater harvesting:

China's water resources are not rich in themselves, but the most important thing is the lack of rational use of water resources. Severe urban water pollution is a pain point in the current city. As a kind of rich water resources, rainwater resources, if they can be used effectively, will undoubtedly be a great relief for water-scarce cities.

Most of the rainwater is clean and can be used directly after rainwater harvesting. Even if it can't be used as drinking water, it is no problem as industrial water.

Let Rain and water seepage, not influx into the already polluted rivers, has an important role in mitigating the lack of groundwater resources. Reasonable use of rainwater can also reduce urban surface water pollution and completely solve the city's internal disasters.

The system's urban rainwater harvesting process requires a unified planning and design, and involves many departments, whether it is technology or policy is a very complex system.

What role does the rainwater harvesting system play in residential applications? The collection and utilization of rainwater in the construction community is of great significance to the city and is of great significance for realizing rainwater resources, saving water and reducing urban flooding.

The General Office of the State Council issued the "Guiding Opinions" to deploy and promote the construction of the sponge city. Reconstruction of the urban surface water cycle, 16 cities have taken the lead in piloting, and rainwater harvesting in the construction community will be the key direction, linked with the urban water circulation system.

Rainwater harvesting not only has the attention of government departments, but many environmental companies have also begun to advance the pace of this cause.

Although Sponge City is still in its infancy in China, The Chinese people's awareness of environmental protection will increase, and urban rainwater utilization will gradually develop.