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Why use urban drainage roads to use linear drainage channels

        With the great development of urbanization, the next gap drain manufacturer will give you Introduce why you need to use a linear drain to drain, in fact, this is a kind of HDPE drain! Give everyone an analysis!

        Linear gutters are one of many products in the drainage system, and the words are intended to be paved at the edge of the road, with The linearity of the drain. Because of its outstanding load-bearing and drainage properties, it plays an important role in the construction of urban roads. The linear drain manufacturer Xiaobian takes us to understand why linear drains are used in urban roads.

        1, practical and beautiful

        The linear gutter is a combination of linear and drainage grooves, so it is more practical than the original product, and its drainage surface is not on the road surface. It is placed on a linear vertical surface, so the appearance is flat and smooth, so it is not necessary. Deliberately embellish the marginal part of the road, so it is more beautiful than the drainage channel alone.

        2, Drainage speed is very fast

        and Compared with the drainage ditch, the drainage speed of the linear drainage ditch is faster. Therefore, when a heavy rain falls, the accumulated water on the ground can be quickly discharged into the underground pipeline of the city through the linear drainage ditch, practically preventing the occurrence of water on the ground. Phenomenon not only makes it easier for pedestrians to walk in heavy rains, but also does not have a lot of water to protect the road equipment.

        3, long service life

        linear drainage The ditch raw material is special, and it is installed at the edge of the road. It can practically block the growth of various microorganisms in the drainage ditch and damage the ground. Together, the linear gutter also has strong corrosion resistance and acid and alkali resistance, which can be practical. Corrosion against acidic soils and bio-sulfuric substances, it is also very resistant to cold and ultraviolet corrosion, so long-term use is not prone to aging corrosion.

This is the specific reason why urban roads use linear drainage ditch. As an important equipment on the road, the linear drainage ditch has made the drainage ditch a practical beautification, making it a part of the road. This will provide a decorative effect for the city's lighting, and it will be able to drain the water agilely, so that the road can maintain an outstanding environment.

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