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What is the core technology of resin drainage ditch?
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        The core technology and technical guarantee of the resin drainage ditch, in addition to meeting the accuracy requirements on site and reducing the data transportation cost, Integral drains have less energy consumption than cast iron, and save about 30% of energy consumption during the manufacturing process. In the face of energy problems such as electricity, natural gas, and coal, it is an ideal choice to use environmentally-friendly materials such as resin concrete that are cheap and recoverable. Resin concrete waste and old beds can be used as building materials and can be used for road construction and construction.

        The core technology and technical guarantee of resin drainage ditch, nowadays precision CNC machine tools are getting more and more attention, in high-speed cutting, workpiece and Machine parts move faster and faster. Progressive speed, feed rate and increased component components will oscillate, reducing accuracy. Resin concrete eliminates oscillations and improves machine tool accuracy. The casting temperature of resin concrete at 45 ° C is another advantage compared to cast iron at a casting temperature of 900 ° C.

        The traditional method of resin drains is to install other parts after the bed is cast, now Cast parts directly into the casting, such as pipes, cables, sensors, actuators, and liquid-filled chambers. The supplier will process the secondary components and cast them in, so that the planner has a time reduction data sheet that is satisfied. Modern machine tool builders, like car manufacturers, simply send everything to the installation line. These machine tool builders do not need deep integration and their data sheets are simple. Their core is planning and installing machines. There are also high quality suppliers that provide high quality and low cost machining such as casting, milling, grinding and sheet metal.

        Nanjing Yuanyou Engineering Materials Co., Ltd. is a supplier of sponge city system, covering rainwater recovery system, Nanjing linear drainage Ditch and rainwater collection modules, etc., where low-carbon and environmentally-friendly resin drainage ditch is used in municipal roads and key projects, and has achieved good reputation and reputation.