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Nanjing Yuanyou Rainwater Collection System

With the rapid development of China's economy and the large-scale construction of industrialization, a large number of hardened grounds have appeared, which has reduced the amount of rainwater infiltration, resulting in the advance of flood peaks, the increase of flood peaks, the pollution of water bodies, the shortage of water sources, and the underground Shen and other issues. Rainwater harvesting systems, as a relatively clean and inexpensive source of water, can be a promising subject if they are adequately collected and utilized. The rainwater harvesting system not only has certain economic benefits, but also huge environmental and ecological benefits and social benefits.

Nowadays, the phenomenon of “city watching the sea” caused by the summer rainstorm is normalized, and the solution of the guilty problem has become a top priority for all levels of government. This provided an opportunity for the development of the sponge city. With the high-density of relevant policies, the pilot project progressed steadily. Sponge City absorbs water when it rains. When it is needed, it will “release” and use it. It is an engineering drainage era from fast discharge, near discharge, and quick discharge to “seepage, stagnation, storage, storage, use, and discharge. "Six-in-one integrated drainage, strategic shift of ecological drainage.
The finished linear drainage ditch, curbstone drainage ditch, integrated drainage ditch and osmotic drainage ditch produced by our company are environmentally friendly, non-polluting and bio-corrosive resin concrete. The finished gutter is easy to install, the inner wall is smooth, and the water is Good mobility, these characteristics are exactly what is needed to build a sponge city. Our products truly cater to the core concept of sponge city construction, and their combination can effectively and quickly solve the “disease” of the city in the year.

Nanjing Yuanyou has many years of experience in recycling projects in rainwater harvesting systems, integrating product development, design, manufacturing and sales.

Nanjing Yuanyou's rainwater harvesting system recycling products mainly include rainwater pre-treatment series, rainwater storage series, rainwater deep purification series and rainwater infiltration series and rainwater related control series. The company's technical team has rich experience and leading domestic design capabilities. It can provide complete design solutions and construction suggestions for various projects to meet the actual needs of customers.

Rainwater harvesting system products are used in industrial and civil buildings such as schools, municipal roads, plazas, communities, convention centers, industrial plants and various types of hotels.

Nanjing Yuanyou Engineering Materials Co., Ltd. is a supplier of sponge city system. Its products cover rainwater harvesting system, Nanjing linear drainage ditch and rainwater collection module. The low-carbon environmentally-friendly resin drainage ditch is used in municipal roads and key projects. Good reputation and credibility.