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What is the reputation of permeable concrete?

What is the reputation of permeable concrete . It is understood that by integrating the resources of permeable concrete manufacturers, the market design of permeable concrete manufacturers will be strengthened, and the industry influence of porous concrete will be further exerted. As everyone knows, everyone is very interested in the topic of "Which permeable concrete manufacturers have a good reputation." To this end, the responsible editor of Plymouth should be interested in the interests of the people and discuss the information content of the water-permeable floor for everyone.

The color permeable pavement is also known as colored permeable concrete, colored permeable concrete, etc. It is described by the American Concrete Association 2002 as permeable concrete as "an open graded concrete made of cement", and the Japanese Concrete Association 2004 describes the permeable concrete. It is "concrete with a continuous porosity of about 20%". In essence, it is a non-closed porous concrete or product which is prepared by mixing a single grade of aggregate, cement material, water and additives into a mixture and then a special process. At present, domestic and industrial water is still dominated by groundwater. Excessive mining has caused the groundwater level to drop sharply, the surface ecology has become unbalanced, and environmental problems have become more and more serious. The rational use of the original transparent soil surface and the maintenance of the original natural state have become a focus of humanity.

Since the launch of the pilot project of urban underground integrated pipe gallery and sponge city construction in 2015, as of April 2017, the pilot project of underground integrated pipe gallery has started construction of 738 kilometers, with an investment of about 40 billion yuan; the construction area of ​​the sponge city construction pilot project has been completed. 420 flat permeable floor uses ecologically permeable concrete as raw material. Beijing Jinshan Pine believes that permeable concrete is used as environmental load reduction concrete, which has different characteristics from ordinary concrete, namely, small capacity, water capillary phenomenon is not significant, water permeability is large, cementing material is used. Low-volume, simple construction, green and eco-friendly road materials are breathable, permeable and lightweight.

Nanjing Yuanyou Engineering Materials Co., Ltd. is a supplier of sponge city systems, covering rainwater collection, filtration and reuse. Rainwater collection includes plaza drainage, linear drainage of roads, curb drainage, integrated drainage, etc. Low-carbon and environmentally-friendly resin concrete drainage ditch has been applied to municipal roads and key projects, and has achieved good reputation and reputation.