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The development direction of rainwater harvesting systems

China is a geographically diverse country with huge water reserves, and rainwater is a good source of natural water. About 60% of daily water use can be replaced by rainwater harvesting systems . How to scientifically, rationally and economically realize the collection and utilization of villa rainwater is a problem that must be considered in China.

Now, China is promoting a pollution-free, energy-saving and water-saving lifestyle. We should consider saving water, planning on the basis of economy, advancement and science. On the one hand, it will help to improve our living standards. On the other hand, as a developer of houses, house prices should also be value-added accordingly. Building an energy-saving and green building form can meet international standards.

In recent years, many cities in China have experienced serious internal stagnation, which has brought about a very big impact on people's lifestyle. In addition, due to urban flooding, runoff pollution, water loss, and the deterioration of the drainage system, the deterioration of the water environment and ecological environment has become a limiting factor for sustainable urban development.

As China's energy-saving voices are getting higher and higher, the influence of rainwater harvesting system utilization has become more and more important. The development of the rainwater harvesting system is of great significance, especially in line with China's current sustainable development strategy. So now the key point is that the market is in desperate need of a new type of rainwater harvesting system that is energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

The current common methods for collecting rainwater in the domestic market include the traditional reinforced concrete and stainless steel reservoirs. However, the construction of these two methods is very complicated, the procedures are numerous and the construction period is relatively long, resulting in a particularly large amount of cost. The new rainwater collection system is a pool synthesized by several modules. The product has long service life, convenient construction, short construction period and low cost.

Our company is a high-tech green environmental protection enterprise integrating environmental protection equipment engineering technology research and development, design, construction, operation management and after-sales service. To build a high-quality brand of large-scale, industrialized and specialized rainwater resources collection and utilization system, the quality and after-sales service of products can be recognized and recognized by consumers. It is foreseeable that we can vigorously develop the rainwater harvesting system, effectively solve the problem of urban shackles in our country, and strive to build an environmentally friendly and energy-saving green home.

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