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Resin drains make urban waters invisible

Our company's resin concrete drainage trough is jointly invested by China and South Korea, introduces advanced technology from South Korea, and has a production base in Nanjing. It is a pioneer in the domestic production of resin concrete products.

The resin drainage ditch is mainly used in areas with high design requirements, showing a simple and continuous narrow-slot drainage aesthetic effect, which can be concealed and creative on the stone paving surface. The design of the linear drainage ditch gives a very intuitive linear look and feel, and the linear continuous water interception and drainage efficiency is extremely high.

The gap drain has good drainage capacity, and only a beautiful line appears on the ground and corner after the project is installed. It has the advantages of anti-theft, anti-clogging, reducing flood peaks, fashionable and beautiful.

Resin drains play an important role in urban drainage systems. A good drainage system should be able to quickly remove sewage and wastewater to prevent water from damaging the paved buildings and property, whether it is to meet the normal needs of the ground drainage or It is important to design an effective ground drainage system for high flow requirements. Linear drainage can achieve a lot of functions, the following small series lead everyone to look at it together

A successful drainage system can achieve the following functions:

2, can quickly reduce the area of ​​water and quickly discharge waste;

3. It can reduce wrestling and tire slippage caused by slippery ground;

4. It can effectively protect the service life of floor coverings and buildings;

5. Protect the fixed assets of the owners and customers from being flooded;

6. The clean and tidy ground of a building after rain can give the public a pleasant mood and reduce the discomfort of traveling after the rain.

Nanjing Yuanyou Engineering Materials Co., Ltd. is a supplier of sponge city system, covering rainwater recovery system, Nanjing linear drainage ditch and rainwater collection module. The low carbon environmentally friendly resin drainage ditch is used in municipal roads and key projects. Good word of mouth and reputation