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How to choose the finished linear drainage ditch

Nanjing Yuanyou Company's resin concrete drainage trough is jointly invested by China and South Korea, introduces advanced technology from South Korea, and has a production base in Nanjing. It is a pioneer in the domestic production of resin concrete products.

The gap drains open up a new way for architectural design! The slotted linear drainage system has good drainage capacity - ideal for installation in places with high requirements for paved landscapes. The system can be used with almost ground paving materials and has good load-bearing performance. The slot-type drainage system consists of a steel gap cover, a resin concrete drain base, a drop well, a service port and system accessories. Integrated drainage system.

1, according to performance to choose

Because the use of the drainage ditch is not fixed, some need to be used in the outdoor natural environment, and some may be used in the high temperature workshop, so when selecting the finished linear drainage ditch , it should be selected according to its main performance. According to the actual situation, we should choose products that are more resistant to high and low temperature, corrosion resistance and pressure resistance.

2, according to the appearance to choose

The finished linear drainage ditch is usually integrated with the foundation after installation and use, so you should choose a product with a beautiful appearance, so as to improve the overall image of the place of use, to ensure that the installation and use will not appear too abrupt, and the surrounding environment Not coordinated.

3, according to the specifications to choose

Nowadays, the finished linear drainage ditch is produced on a large scale, so the finished products have a certain size. Therefore, when selecting the finished linear drainage ditch, we must pay attention to the actual size of the required specifications, and choose and actual. Products that match the requirements, so as to avoid the embarrassing situation that cannot be used after the linear drain is purchased.

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