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Industry knowledge
Resin drain characteristics

1. Resin drain has high strength and light weight

Since it is a resin three-dimensional network structure, the compressive strength is 2500 KG/CM2. The material of the resin concrete is the same. The level of the cement material has obvious advantages in weight, and it is easy to manually operate during construction, which reduces the cost.

2.U type resin drainage ditch design

U-shaped linear drainage system, the cover plate and the groove body can be separated, and the cover plate can adopt a mesh type grid tweezers or a slit type groove cover according to the actual needs of the site. The unique U-shaped design drainage effect far exceeds the ordinary drainage capacity. The system is mainly suitable for railway stations, bus stations, squares, parking lots, commercial districts, etc.

3. Resin drainage ditch environmental stability

Acid and alkali resistant, corrosion resistant

The resin drainage channel has no pores and no water absorption, so it is possible to organize the growth and destruction of the living organism on its surface. It has an acid and alkali resistance of 1-10 and is effective against acid and alkaline soils and bio-sulfuric acid.

Resistance to severe cold, UV resistance

The resin drainage ditch is resistant to freezing and freezing, and is not afraid of freezing damage. In time, it will not be brittle or damaged in the snowy areas of the mountains. Due to the stable molecular structure and good UV resistance, it is not like ordinary plastic engineering, which will cause aging and brittleness of materials due to ultraviolet radiation.

Watertight performance

The water-inundation depth of the resin drainage ditch is 0 mm, which shows intentional watertightness and non-hydrophilicity, and the liquid does not penetrate and retain, which reduces the risk of cracking and damage of the drainage ditch. Based on this superiority, it can better explain the acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance of the product.

4. Save money

The resin drain U-shaped drain creates a unique material that eliminates the need to apply any chemically resistant coating to its surface for long life.

The surface of the drainage ditch is high, the surface roughness of the resin concrete is small, and the roughness coefficient is 0.010. The smooth surface can quickly remove water and impurities. It will not cause accumulation of impurities due to accumulation of time, and it is difficult to clean the inner wall of the hook.

Polyester resin is a green and environmentally friendly material that can be rolled into reuse at any time, and can even be used directly as a roadbed material, without any pollution.

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