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Core technology and technical guarantee of resin drain

        Resin drains's core technology and technical support, today's precision CNC machine tools are more and more valued, in high-speed cutting, workpieces and machine parts move faster. Increasing the speed, feed speed and increasing the weight of the components will result in vibration, resulting in reduced accuracy. Resin concrete can eliminate vibration and improve the accuracy of machine tools. Compared with 900 ℃ casting temperature cast iron, the casting temperature of resin concrete 45 ℃ is another advantage.

The traditional method of resin drains is to install other components after the bed casting is complete, and parts such as pipes, cables, sensors, actuators and cavities containing liquids can now be cast directly into the castings. The supplier will process the secondary parts and cast them so that the designer has sufficient opportunity to reduce the material table. Modern machine tool makers, like car manufacturers, simply send all parts to the assembly line. These machine tool makers do not need deep integration, and their material tables are simple. At their core are the design and assembly of machines. Another high-quality suppliers to provide high quality and low price casting, milling, grinding, sheet metal and other machining.

The core technology and technical support of resin drains, in addition to meeting the accuracy requirements in the field to reduce the cost of material transportation, the integrated drains relative to cast iron, resin concrete energy consumption is less, in the production process to save about 30% of the energy consumption. In the face of electricity, natural gas, coal and other energy problems today, the use of low cost and recyclable environmental protection materials such as resin concrete is the most ideal choice. Resin concrete waste and old bed body can be used as building materials, but also for road construction and construction.