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Advantages of resin drain making molding

        Resin drainsThe advantages of making molding, resin concrete is usually added to cement, quartz powder, talcum powder, carbonate competition and powder as fillers to increase strength. Resin concrete has excellent anti-seepage, anti-freezing, corrosion resistance, strength, impact resistance, wear resistance is also very good, can be used in the building underground, roofing waterproof layer and pre-buried anchor bolt, repair concrete cracks and other occasions, resin concrete is also more expensive at present. Therefore, it also limits its wider application.

Polymer cement concrete is a composite material which is added to the common concrete mixture, and the polymer and cement are used as cemented materials, and the coarse and fine aggregate bonding as one. Polymer cement concrete has higher compactness and strength than ordinary concrete, and its impermeability, corrosion resistance and wear resistance are also improved accordingly.

Resin drains to make the advantages of molding, polymer cement concrete production and construction can use the same equipment as ordinary concrete, polymer cement concrete should be in the stirring 1h within the construction and use. After molding, the first wet maintenance, until the cement hydration after dry maintenance, the end of hardening can not sprinkle water or rain, otherwise the surface will form a layer of white brittle polymer film, reduce its use performance. Resin Concrete linear Drain is a very important aspect that is often neglected in the design of ground drainage system of engineering project.