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The use of resin drains has obvious characteristics

        Resin drainsThe use of the resin drains are mainly used in the case of high layer height restrictions, completely avoid removable accessories, through the groove of the reserved Groove, the cover plate and groove through the screw nut and strengthen the crossbar connected together, with silent no voice and other characteristics. In fact, the car park drainage system is often a part of the design project process, but the drain is very important for the parking lot.

For example, in multi-storey car parks, underground car parks and other places, there will often be accumulation of water, soaking cars, resulting in losses. Parking line resin drains, no need for large hoisting equipment, easy to install. The comb structure can be better used as a blind road indication, in line with the standardized width of wheelchairs and bicycle tires. At present, the common resin drain style on the market.

The use of resin drains has obvious characteristics, resin drains using resin and concrete as the main components, can effectively carry out rainwater excretion, but also a variety of corrosive chemical erosion, in the sewage composition of complex conditions can be used for a durable, Is the modern in Europe and the US and the reduction of urban landscape garden design and Sponge city and other areas commonly used environmental protection products.