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Industry knowledge
Resin drains have high and beautiful drainage

        Resin drainsThe displacement is high and beautiful, the gap type finished drain is an intelligent drainage system, regardless of the displacement or the product after the installation of the aesthetics are very superior. is a new milestone in the drainage system of modern buildings. Linear drains are mainly used in areas with high design requirements, showing a simple and continuous beautiful effect of narrow seam drainage, in the stone pavement can be hidden and creative effect. Linear drains are designed to give people a very intuitive linear perception of simple and uniform, linear continuous water cut, drainage efficiency is extremely high.

Linear drain systems have good drainage capacity and are ideal for installation in places with high requirements for paving landscapes, which can be used in conjunction with almost all ground paving materials and have good load-bearing performance. Groove Smooth drainage performance is superior. Anti-aging resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life, strong load capacity. Quick and easy installation. Product appearance elegant, in line with the modern designer's practical and simple requirements. High drainage efficiency, square, pedestrian street can be applied, does not affect the effect of ground paving.

Resin Drain drainage is high and beautiful, resin concrete linear drain strength is much higher than ordinary concrete drains, so that the resin drain weight is lighter, transport and installation is more convenient, in addition to the resin drain surface is smoother, strong corrosion resistance, no seepage. The quality of resin drains and the type of raw materials and the ratio, and the production process has a great relationship.