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Nanjing Wafer Engineering Materials Co., Ltd. is a sponge City system suppliers, products cover rainwater harvesting, filtration and reuse. Rainwater harvesting includes square gap drainage, road linear drainage, roadstones drainage, all-in-one drainage and so on. Low carbon environmental protection resin concrete drains are used in municipal roads and key projects, has achieved a good reputation and credibility. Rainwater filtration reuse includes safe shunt wells, discarded flow filtration devices, composite flow filters and water storage modules, and the products draw on the advanced technology and technology of the United States, Germany and Australia, and develop a full range of rainwater harvesting products suitable for China's national conditions.
Our company has R & amp; d team, can provide customers with a full range of multi-directional professional technical support, according to the actual situation of users to provide solutions and technical measures and have perfect after-sales service. We have established long-term and stable cooperative relations with many well-known water treatment enterprises, design institutes, colleges and universities at home and abroad.
We provide high standards of product safety assurance, in strict accordance with the EU EN1433 and EN124 standards design, production, including resin concrete drains and resin concrete manhole cover has passed CE certification, the company's production process has also passed the GT/TISO90001-2008 Quality Management system certification.

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